Sunday, February 15, 2015

Vehicle Transportation Taxes in Canada

Vehicle auto transport is a business that most of the times has customers all across the country. That situation may be confusing when it comes to the pricing of the service. Canada's taxing system has a different tax percentage in every province and territory. Customers may wonder, which tax will apply to my purchase when I ship my car?

Vehicle Transportation Taxes in Canada  

Auto transport is not a service that you purchase and receive in the same place, so it can cover one, two, or more provinces on every trip. When shipping your vehicle the taxing that applies is the delivery province taxing system. The reason for this is that the car shipping service is not complete until the vehicle is delivered.

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  1. That's good to know that in Canada, there is a tax applied when shipping your car. Is that only if you're moving the car within the country or would that also apply to just a one way trip in or out of Canada? Not everyone can move their cars on their own, so it's nice that we have services that will move your car for you.