Friday, November 28, 2014

Vehicle Shipping Tips in Canada

Vehicle Shipping Tips in Canada 

Vehicle Shipping Tips
There are many factors you should have in mind prior to shipping your car,  a good idea to keep track of all these things you may want to consider before you hire any auto carrier, would be putting down on a list all of these things. 
In a globalized world having access to the internet is one of the easiest things, which basically means you can have access all the information you need about car shipping companies around you, you can have their information such as their phone number, address, services their offer and in some of them you may even be able to get a free car shipping quote, this is the case of Ship My Ride .
Choosing a car shipping company will merely depend a lot on your budget, whenever you’re trying to get an auto transport company’s services you will notice that their prices vary a lot, some of them may charge you per kilometer, per mile, per hour. 
Make sure to always take a look at the auto shipping company’s reviews, since this will let you have a glimpse of what the previous customers’ experiences were like. 
Another important tip is to keep in mind that cheapest is not always the better. It’s a matter of cost and value. Your peace of mind is more valuable than saving some dollars when trusting your vehicle to an auto transport company. Evaluate the benefits offered with the price given. Don’t trust your vehicle to just anybody! Be sure that transport experts are handling it!
Another tip is to call the auto carrier company you are interested in and make them all the questions you may have about the auto transport process, this will make you realize if the car shipping company you are dealing with is what you really want

Sunday, November 23, 2014



SHIP MY RIDE provides Door-to-Door car shipping service, which means that our car carrier driver will pick up and deliver your vehicle as close to your door as possible as he can legally and safely get. This service is very convenient for cities where we do not have terminals in. For this service is very important to be available on your phone and email since its the only way the car shipping driver can reach the person in contact for the pick up or the delivery.

Door-to-door auto shipping - Ship My Ride
We are a vehicle shipping company with many years in the industry. We know what our customers want from us, and so we keep that in mind. We, not only understand, but we also commit to our highly appreciated customers requirements, preferences and needs.

You don’t need to worry when you want to transport or ship your vehicle or car in Canada, you must know that as a professional car transport company carries $2,000,000 of auto shipping insurance. This protects your car when it’s being shipped from province to province, city to city in all of Canada.

Our main terminal is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. But we can transport your ride (vehicles, car or trucks) in all of the provinces in Canada: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Northwest territories, Nunavut or Yukon. SHIP MY RIDE will assist you whenever you need a vehicle/ auto relocated in Canada.

Imagine receiving your vehicle to your home doors. No stress, no long hour driving, you just need to worry about the first place you will take your ride. SHIP MY RIDE is a auto transport company dedicated to ship or transport your vehicles in a safe and timely manner. We have many years of experience hauling or transporting vehicles, cars and trucks all across Canada. We can transport/ ship your family automobile, your work truck, vacation vehicle, we will make sure your ride gets to you!

Sunday, November 16, 2014



When you need to ship, transport or move a vehicle, truck or auto anywhere in Canada or the United States, SHIP MY RIDE is the solution. We are a certified auto moving/ transport company located in Calgary, Alberta and we can ship/ transport your vehicle from east to west, north and south!

SHIP MY RIDE is a car transport company dedicated to ship or move your vehicles in a safe and timely manner, with the proper equipment and reliable staff ready to coordinate you auto moving needs. Quality in service is our motto and we are proud to make it happen. We have many years of experience moving vehicles, cars and trucks all across Canada. We can transport/ship your family automobile, your work truck, vacation car, we will make sure your ride gets to you!

We can move your car or truck to Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary… You name it! We are a Canadian certified car shipping/transporting company – not a broker.

You don’t have to worry when it comes to moving your your ride or car in Canada and the USA, you must know that our company, SHIP MY RIDE is a professional certified vehicle transport company that carries $2,000,000 of insurance. This protects your car when it’s being shipped from province to province, city to city in all of Canada and even to the United States giving as a result having a safe and reliable ride shipping company moving your vehicle.

SHIP MY RIDE will take care of all the logistics involved in moving or transporting your vehicle. Our dedicated car moving company offers terminal to terminal service, this means that you can drop off your vehicle at one of our vehicle shipping compounds for us to transport it and also pick it up at the at the city's compound it was shipped to!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

 Information for Auto Shipping Customers

Ship My Ride is an auto transport business that likes to take care  of its  auto transport customers.  Ship My Ride knows that our auto transport customers are the main part of this auto transportation business, so we always take care of every car shipping situation and detail that might come up during this process.
The auto transportation customers of Ship My Ride have many benefits and can choose from many different types of services. The benefits of this auto shipping are that you will be requesting for vehicle transportation services with an extremely highly reliable car shipping company. All the years of experience that Ship My Ride has in the auto transportation business are also a benefit our car shipping customers get.
Ship My Ride's car shipping customers can choose between many different types of car shipping, for example: door to door, enclosed traileropen carrierterminal to terminal, between others. All these car shipping benefits can be selected all across Canada.
Ship My Ride is a car shipping company that you can communicate about any single question or detail you might have an inquiry about. Ship My Ride offers personalized attention to our car shipping customers via Live Chat in our website, via e-mail or through a phone call. 
This is all the information our auto transport customers can use in order to ask any car shipping question:
Bay 3 7139-40th St SE, Calgary AB
Call us : (403) 800-9292 Email us :
Ship My Ride is an car shipping company that is certified and verified by the Auto Transport Association in order to full-fill the peace of mind requirements of our car shippign customers. This certification that Ship My Ride has since 2009, is about being a platinum member of the Auto Transport Association. This certification means to our car shipping customers that we are a reliable car carrier company.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Private Auto Shipping in Canada

Private Auto Shipping in CanadaPrivate Auto Shipping in Canada

Have you ever needed to move away from your home to live in a different city far away? This is a very common reason why people transport their vehicles in Canada. Making this process easier for our customers is Ship My Ride's goal. There are a lot of reasons to ship a vehicle, whether it is that your moving out permanently, you are going on vacations, or you need to send your vehicle to one of your special ones who needs it, there is one thing that stays constant in all those examples: TIME.
Driving your vehicle away can cost you days or even weeks of your time when you are going across Canada. Without mentioning the possible wear-down of your car and the threat that the road always represents. Ship My Ride dedicates to make your auto transport experience easier, safer and satisfactory.
In our company we appreciate the trust that private customers provide to us when they entrust their vehicles, one of their most valuable possessions, to our hands. For that same reason we are always striving to answer back to that with the same service that they expect from the best.
Private customers may only ship their vehicles a couple of times in their lifetimes, and even though they are very unlikely to be recurrent customers, it is also true that the impression they receive from our company that single time, that is our only opportunity to make them feel the way we want them to feel. 
Ship My Ride invites our private customers to get a free quote in our simple online system, book your vehicle immediately in our BOOK MY RIDE option, our call our office and one of our friendly and trained staff members will provide you with all of the answers to your vehicle transport inquiries.