Friday, October 31, 2014

How to Contact Ship My Ride

Are you trying to find the ideal auto shipping company for your vehicle shipping needs? You have found us!
Ship My Ride is a vehicle shipping company with more than 7 years of experience in the car transport industry (2014). From our commercial to private customers we always provide a high car shipping quality service.
It doesn't matter if you have to transport your car to a different city, a different province or even to the United States, Ship My Ride will handle the car shipping process in the best and most efficient way out there!
There are many auto transport companies out there, but there's only one Ship My Ride. When it comes to shipping your vehicle you may want to make sure the company you are trusting your vehicle with is a certified car carrier so you can be sure your most valuable good, your car, will be shipped with all the car shipping high quality standards.
At Ship My Ride we offer a variety of car shipping services, we understand that our customers automobile shipping requirements and preferences are different so we adjust to those differences and offer our customers a lot of options when it comes to shipping their vehicles. 
Take advantage of our enclosed car carrier auto shipping service, this is a service you may want to get if you have a luxury, classic or recently bought car. An all-covered-up car carrier sounds good, huh? With this auto shipping service you won't have to worry about any possible damages that your vehicle may suffer from the shipping process due to weather conditions. 
Are you running out of time? Is your flight taking off in the next few hours? Worry no more!
Ship My Ride offers you the Door-To-Door service, in which we will be in charge of your entire car shipping experience, from picking up your vehicle at your house to delivering it at your door's newest location 
Contact us now and get a free car Shipping Quote to your e-mail or if you prefer we can give you a call and answer all your automobile shipping questions! 
Address: Bay 3 7139-40th St SE, Calgary, AB
Phone: (403) 800-9292

Sunday, October 26, 2014

16 Frequently Asked Questiosn About Car Shipping in Canada

This week we will take a look at the first 8 most frequently asked questions when starting a car shipping service in Canada.
Here in Ship My Ride we hope this answer many questions you might have.
SHIP MY RIDE can help you with the shipping or transportation of your vehicle/ car to anywhere in Canada no matter where you are located we will get your car shipped/ transported.
When you want to ship your car/vehicle you need to make all of the arrangements at least one week on advance of your pick-up date in order for you to get your vehicle faster and without any troubles.
Our fleet of car carriers is comprised of open car carriers; they are the same trucks we use in order for us to move vehicles for the car dealerships.
SHIP MY RIDE has the equipment necessary for all of your needs weather you want to move/ ship your car on open or enclosed car carrier trailer we can do it.
Yes, the prices vary depending on the size of your vehicle it doesn’t require the same space for a car carrier to ship a small car than shipping a truck or an SUV that might take two spots on the trailer.
Yes, when we are talking about shipping trucks we need to know if your unit is a single, double rear, 4x4, extended or short cab, dually, etc. since we need to make sure of the space and weight your truck/vehicle is going to require.
If your vehicle has been modified please indicate this in your online car shipping quote as this may or may not affect transport and may or may not change the cost of car shipping or transportation your vehicle.
In most cases the answer is no, but special arrangements can be made. Please indicate in your online car shipping quote the type and quantity of the contents that you would like to include as long as there are possession is legal.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Ship My Ride's Car Shipping Experience

At Ship My Ride we understand that the whole process of transporting your car can be a bit exhausting and even complicated. That's the reason on why we want you to leave that to our car shipping experts. Ship My Ride  only has certified auto shipping drivers to handle your vehicle shipping process. 
Ship My Ride is a vehicle shipping company based in Calgary, AB, Canada with more than 7 years of experience in the car transport industry. Not only we do understand but we also commit to our customers' auto shipping preferences and ride shipping requirements, that is one of many reasons we have been able to remain in the automobile transport industry for so long.
We are a platinum member of the Auto Transport Association since 2009. Ship My Ride is a certified car carrier company that is willing to exceed your expectations in the auto transport matter.
Our ride shipping customers prefer us because we have the highest quality standards when it comes to vehicle shipping and it shows at all times.
You can always check our ride shipping reviews from customers all over Canada and The United States that have had the chance to experience Ship My Ride's  car shipping services. That many people can't be wrong, don't you think?
Our competitive vehicle shipping prices make us a great choice when you're trying to decide which auto carrier company you want to choose to be in charge of your car's shipping.
Our customers go from commercial customers to individual customers, and we always make sure to deliver a prompt and efficient service, at all times. 
Contact Ship My Ride today and get a completely free car shipping quote. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Work with Us in Ship My Ride.

SHIP MY RIDE knows that having a team full of experts will help us build strong and committed business relationships, not only by proving an excellent car shipping service, but also by setting high our auto moving quality standards. We’re trying to find the pieces missing in our car shipping team. 

We are looking for people with an upbeat spirit, we need people who believe in customer service and we require them to be the best at whatever task we give them. We have metrics to meet, goals to reach and results to deliver, all of these, so we can satisfy our auto shipping customers’  needs and preferences. 

People who want to grow in a well-established company, commitment is something we are definitely looking for in our employee candidates, and we need them to demonstrate their commitment in every task they are given, we need people with really good work ethics, and people who is willing to go the extra mile with their performance. Having the will to learn is also very important for us. You will be working for an extremely reliable and responsible company whose main priority is its client’s satisfaction at all times. 

If you think you are the perfect candidate for SHIP MY RIDE, feel free to send us your resume to the following e-mail address in order for you to be contacted by one of recruiters; you will receive all the information you need about the job’s position, requirements and process to follow in order for you to get the job.  
 If you would like to become part of our auto transport company please send your contact information and resume to and we will contact you shortly after.  Remember that for SHIP MY RIDE giving a service on point will always be one of our goals. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Car Shipping in Canadian Provinces

Are you looking forward to transport your vehicle to any province in Canada? Do you need a committed, responsible and professional automobile moving company to handle your auto shipping process? You have found the best car transport company in Canada!

Ship My Ride is a vehicle shipping company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Even though, we are based in Calgary we offer our auto moving services all across the country and we also ship vehicles to the United States.

Do you need to transport your Mazda 3 from the province of Ontario to the province of Saskatchewan? Or maybe you need to ship your Honda Civic from the province of British Columbia to the province of Alberta? It doesn't matter what province you are in, with Ship My Ride moving your car, truck or SUV all across the country is the easiest auto shipping process you'll ever experience.

Ship My Ride offers the widest car moving services variety in Canada; we have more than 7 years of experience in the vehicle shipping business and we are a certified and platinum member of the Auto Transport Association since 2009.

Our car driver experts are fully experienced and they will be more than willing to transport your vehicle anywhere you'd like to in Canada and the United States.

Transport your vehicle from province to province today with Ship My Ride, and feel free to get a completely free car shipping quote personalized for your very own automobile shipping needs and vehicle transportation preferences. You can get this free car shipping quote by filling in the form or if you prefer you can always give us a call to (403) 800-9292 and one of our automobile moving experts will answer any questions you may have related to our auto moving services. Call us now!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Auto Transportation Possible Complications

Auto Transportation Possible Complications

One of the most common situations when it comes to car shipping is the misunderstandings that the auto transport companies and the clients may have during the car shipping process.
We invite you to consider the following:
To better understand auto transportation we ask you to compare the car shipping service with an airline service.
In order for you to book an airline ticket you need to know exactly where are you going, the budget you have, the timeframes you have, the luggage you are bringing with you and the type of service you need as well.
For example, let’s say you are moving from Edmonton, AB to Maple, Ontario ON
You have to consider that not all airlines go from Edmonton to Maple. Most of them will go Edmonton to Toronto as a terminal to terminal service, and maybe from Toronto you may have to take a bus, a taxi or catch a ride to reach your final destination, that is Maple.
During this process you may encounter layovers or delays. This means that your plane might have to stop in Winnipeg and you might have to board a new plane there to go to Toronto. Delays may occur in the meantime, due to mechanical problems, weather, or technical issues in the airline.
Same things happen in the car shipping business. Trucks may have to make stops at different terminals to make drop offs and pick-ups. Trucks can also be delayed due to mechanical problems, weather or technical issues. 
Some airlines allow you to take one suitcase with you and one on the plane, others may charge you per bag, and even overweight. Car shipping process is the same situation. Some services allow content inside the vehicle, some other not, and weight limits are something you should always check with the car shipping company or the auto transport dispatch team.
Types of services in airlines are common now a day. You may choose first class, regular, first boarding, etc. In car shipping industry a similar situation happens. There are different services available like open car carrierenclosed auto shopping and rail auto moving service. 
Find out more about these services by clicking on the options above.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Content in My Auto When Car Shipping in Nova Scotia Canada?

Here in Ship My Ride, many of our car shipping customers from Nova Scotia have had this inquiry: "What can I place in my automobile when I am car shipping to or from Nova Scotia Canada?" 
Whenever an auto transportation customers asks us this question, we are more than glad to answer it for them as all the other questions they might have. The answer is yes,  every auto shipping client that receives an auto transportation service from Ship My Ride can ship any type of content in the vehicle being transported, even do there are some vehicle transportation safety requirements that have to be done before beginning with the process of car shipping across Canada and the United States. 
Other fact our auto shipping customers need to know is that all the things that can be inside with the car needs to be in the trunk of the car or in the case of a pick up truck in the  back of the seats. 
The reason  for only having content on this parts of the vehicle is so that our car shipping drivers don’t have anything that might obstruct their visibility while driving on the roads. Here in Ship My Ride we take care of the safety of our drivers and of the vehicles we transport across Canada and the United States . 
Facts like this ones are useful for our auto transportation customers in Ship My Ride because it is better to know these details since the beginning of the vehicle shipping process 
If you need to ask us somethinghere in  Ship My Ride we will be more than happy to answer any question for youWe have several contact methods you can choose from like, LiveChat in our website, phone or email. As well if you have more questions about the content you can place in your car or truck , you can contact us. 
 Here is all the information you might need to contact us: 
Bay 3 7139-40th St SE, Calgary AB 
Call us : (403) 800-9292 
Email us :  
We are at your service, car shipping is our passion!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Vehicle Move in Prince Edward Island PEI

Vehicle Move in Prince Edward Island PEI 
Vehicle move in Prince Edward Island PEI Canada is a business activity that Ship My Ride can totally do exactly how to do with completely efficiency and high quality norms. Ship My Ride is a Calgary based company that provides vehicle move services all across Prince Edward Island PEI Canada with the best customer service and complete vehicle move efficiency.  
Vehicle move in  Prince Edward Island PEI Canada is one of the many vehicle move aspects we are experts on, contact us! 
Ship My Ride is a vehicle move establishment that is committed with the customer service that is provided to our vehicle move customers in  Prince Edward Island PEI. For that same reason we provide all of our vehicle move customers different methods of contacting us so that they can pick one. The different contact methods our vehicle move customers in Prince Edward Island PEI ususally useLive Chat in our vehicle move website, phone and email address.  
Get in touch with us an we will be more than happy to give you all the answers of a vehicle move process. 
This is all the vehicle move contact info you might need in order to contact us here in Ship My Ride in Prince Edward Island PEI: 
Bay 3 7139-40th St SE, Calgary AB 
Call us : (403) 800-9292 Email us : 
Vehicle move in Prince Edward Island PEIS Canada is a phrase that involves  so many vehicle move details about vehicle moving, but that is nothing to worry about for Ship My Ride, since we denominate all those kind of situations like transport logistics, required verifications between many other details about vehicle move in Prince Edward Island PEIShip My Ride knows that you are looking in the right vehicle move company,  for a vehicle move company that will give you with the best vehicle move experience in Prince Edward Island PEI Canada. 
As we know Ship My Ride  is a vehicle move company certified and that provides vehicle move services in Prince Edward Island PEI Canada. The vehicle move certification that Ship My Ride has is a vehicle move in Prince Edward Island PEI Canada certification provided by the Auto Transport Association. This vehicle move certification that Ship My Ride has is a certification that proves the efficiency and quality in the vehicle move process that Ship My Ride provides to all of our vehicle move clients in Prince Edward Island PEI Canada.